Every Glee song ever 
Don’t You (Forget About Me)

I do enjoy some Blamtina. And Nightbird. And Sam and Blaine in Cheerios uniforms.

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Every Glee song ever 
Cheek To Cheek

I always wanted Klaine to do this song - one of my favorites ever - but Matt Morrison definitely has the talent to knock it out of the park.  I wish I liked Will more, because Matt is such an amazing triple threat, and I want to be excited when I see him on my screen.

But alas. I am not.

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glee meme: Characters [4/8] → Kurt Hummel

It doesn’t take much courage for people to park their cottage cheese behinds in their Barcaloungers and log onto the Internet and start tearing people down, does it. But you know what does take some courage? Standing up and singing about something. So here’s a message for everyone that reads your blog. Next time, instead of posting an anonymous comment online, say what you have to say TO MY FACE!!

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God, the way Blaine holds on to him, his life preserver in a stormy sea, his anchor, his one perfect thing he is so afraid to lose… :(

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